The Administrative Procedure Code, adopted by Parliament on 29th March 2006, publ. in SG 30, 11th April 2006, is an expression of the administrative justice reform in Bulgaria. There are 28 administrative courts Bulgaria, including the Administrative Court - Burgas.

The Administrative courts carry out judicial supervision over the strict and uniform application of law in administrative justice, hearing the following cases:

1. As a first instance, under Art. 128 of the Administrative Procedure Code - all cases requesting:

  • Granting, changing, revocation or declaration of nullity of administrative acts;
  • Declaration of nullity or destruction of agreements by this Code;
  • Protection against unreasonable acts and lack of such by the administration;
  • Protection against forced illegal actions;
  • Compensation for damages from unlawful acts, actions and lack of such by administrative authorities and officials;
  • Compensation for damages from forced actions;
  • Declaration of nullity, invalidation or cancellation of the decisions made by administrative courts;
  • Verification of administrative regulations by this Code.

2. As a cassation instance - all cases:

  • Based on cassation appeals against decisions of district courts, formulated by complaints against punishable statements, under Art. 63 of the Law on Administrative Violations and penalties;
  • Based on cassation appeals against decisions of district courts, formulated by complaints against decisions of the Municipal Office for Agriculture and Forestry, according to Art. 14 par. 3 of the Agricultural land Ownership and Use Act and Art. 13 par. 6 of the Act Restoring Ownership on Forests and Forest Stock Land Tracts form the Forestry Fund.

3. Appeal:

The decisions of administrative courts, as the first instance, are subject to cassation appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court within 14 - days from the date of the announcement that the decision is made. The decisions of administrative tribunals established as cassation instance are final.